Useful facts

Do you know that more than half of all industrial construction projects use sandwich panels?!

If you order our sandwich panels and entrust us to assemble it for you, you will receive considerable discount for acquisition of this type of production!

Besides, in case our clients will require technical support while realizing their conceived project, our engineers will immediately come to the rescue.

Our company provides two years warranty on all our production!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We will respond as soon as posible. Thank You.




      Our company, along with erection of new industrial targets, deals also with restoration and renovation of old industrial buildings, remained in Latvia since USSR times.

Restoration of old industrial buildings is complicated and expensive process, demanding certain experience and knowledge. However due to possibility of using while reconstruction a part of bearing designs, that remain of the old building (such as base, overlapping and so on), restoration process is still more economically favourable employment, rather then raising the object from the ground.

ExsoBalt company possesses required experience for solving that particular problem. Our experts are always ready to arrive to Your object and give necessary consultations concerning reconstruction, as well as to define approximate cost of the work necessary to be done.And that all is free of charge!

All that allow You to distribute precisely the financial expenses and subsequent benefits.




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